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The All In platform is a one-stop platform for the special needs community to find the Products and Services they need.

This a community space, so let’s all play nice.


Read on to find out how this works, and complete the form below to register as a vendor.


How This Works


  1. If you have a Product to sell or a Service to offer to either

persons with special needs; or

their caregivers,

you are welcome to list them on the All In website.


  1. After you successfully register with us, you will be given your own online shop front and login credentials to upload your Products and Services.


  1. You must give All In customers a Best Price Guarantee. This means the price you charge on the All In platform must be the same or lower than what you charge elsewhere.


  1. You will receive an email when an order is made on a Product or Service you have listed, and will be directly responsible to the customer for fulfillment of that order. We are not a party to this agreement between you and the customer.


  1. We will promote the All In platform through various social media channels and events.


  1. Commercial entities pay a 15% fee for every successful transaction made through All In – this helps us pay the bills and continue building cool features on our platform for the special needs community.


  1. VWOs pay nothing. If you are a person with special needs just starting a business, do talk to us, we will work something nice out for you.


  1. Everybody takes care of their own shipping and other costs.


  1. We will forward you payment once the Products or Services have been delivered, after deducting any fees due to us.


  1. Always act legally, fairly and in the customer’s best interests. If not, we could come after you with everything that these full Terms and Conditions allow.


If you have any ideas on how we could build a better Provider on-boarding process, or reach out to a wider audience, we would like to hear from you.


The Basics



About Your Store


This is the store name that customers will see tagged to your products.