Cool Cards – Opposites


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Learn to Recognize Opposites

Your children will learn opposites such as up and down, big and small, right and left or fast and slow with this fun educational game. Whether your child is in need of speech therapy, language skills or literacy skills you can now help the build pre-literacy and literacy skills with cards that have both the picture and written words. Educational games for kids aren’t always enjoyable, but with this Cool Cards game, learning opposites is actually fun! The colorful and engaging deck of 52 language cards in durable metal tin will keep kids entertained (and learning) for hours. Children find the opposite pairs of objects and concepts. Even non-readers can identify these kid-friendly pictures, and all the words are functional and age-appropriate. Game variations challenge children at every level and can be played by a family or in language therapy groups. Supports children with language or developmental delays, learning disabilities, and autism.

For 1 to 4 players.

Age 3+.