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Bizi Ball™ is full of surprises and loaded with stimulating features that encourage children with special needs to explore.

Bizi Ball™’s gentle crinkle, chime and rattle sounds capture a child’s attention, while the teething ring and its elastic tether is perfect for extra-added bouncy fun!

Bizi Ball™ allows your child’s imagination be their guide. The high-contrast colors are visually stimulating, even for children who are visually impaired.

Developmental Benefits

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Tactile Stimulation
  • Tactile Discrimination
  • Auditory Stimulation
  • Memory and Recall
  • Oral Stimulation
  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Social Engagement
  • Cognitive Development

Play Ideas

Chomper : Use the Bizi Ball like a mouth to pick up toys! Kids can hold onto the ribs and use two hands to open and close the Bizi Ball to gobble up toys and plunge them into a bin. It’s also fun to add sound effects! Tip: Great way to get kids to clean up!

Hide N Discover : Caregiver can hide a small toy, puzzle piece or small treat inside the Bizi Ball for the child to discover when pulling apart the Velcro on the ball. Great for teaching object permanence with young children.

Fortune Teller : Use the Bizi Ball as a fortune teller! Caregiver can write messages and place them inside the pull apart sections for the child to read and discover. To make it a traditional fortune teller, place number stickers on the outside to select a “reading”. Kids love surprises! Tip! Address labels work great.