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To Our Wonderful Readers and Supporters — Thank You

Posted on September 14, 2019 by All In

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Dear reader,

All In comprises a very small team. We are made up of:

  • 4 corporate rats professionals with full time jobs,
  • an entrepreneur,
  • a tiger mum, and
  • a student.

Despite our crazy individual schedules, we try to put in as much time and hard work to this platform as we can with the help of our generous sponsors, partners, and friends.

What has kept us going is our belief in our work and the positive feedback from you. Here are some of them:

“Your writing is quite accurate! Thanks for giving caregivers like us a voice.” (Anonymous)  

“Just dropping a super quick message because of your awesome article here: https://allin.guide/blog/living-with-autism-social/” (Emma Hall, Autism Parenting Magazine)

“I found a post on your website expounding on this […] I realized that you’re an authority figure and I love the stuff you put out and must congratulate you on that!” (Natalie Hawkin)

“I came across All In while researching disability support groups and resources. I noticed you had excellent support and information regarding developmental and intellectual disabilities throughout the website, but particularly here, https://allin.guide/blog/resources-for-parents-of-children-with-cerebral-palsy/” (Alison Sanchez, Cerebral Palsy Group)

“Thank you so much for talking about Autism on your site, especially by providing the resource of autism-society.org/dsm-iv-diagnostic-classifications/.” (Anna)

These comments make us feel that there is value and meaning in what we do and motivate us to do better.

This is why we have a favour to ask of you. Please could you just take a minute to tell us about your experience with our platform and how we can improve it?

We promise it’s a really short one! Just click on the image below:

To show our appreciation, we are offering a $5 voucher (no minimum spend) for our shop for each one of you who takes the survey. Participants will also be eligible for a lucky draw.

Again, thank you so much for your support.


All of Us at All In