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The Minimalist’s Glossary to Special Needs in Singapore

Posted on April 8, 2019 by All In

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Acronyms can be bewildering for someone who is not familiar with terminology so we have prepared a quick and dirty glossary for your reference.

  1. ADAP: Assisted Deputyship Application Programme, a programme that allows parents to apply to Court to continue to make legal decisions for their child after he or she turns 21
  2. ADL: Activities for Daily Living, namely: washing, feeding, dressing, toileting, mobility (moving indoors from room to room) and transferring (i.e. moving from a bed to a wheelchair etc) independently
  3. ASD: Autism spectrum disorders
  4. AT: Assistive technology
  5. ATD: Assistive technology devices such as wheelchairs and hearing aids
  6. CDA: Child Development Account (a savings account that is part of the baby bonus scheme; includes a cash gift from the government and depending on when the child was born, dollar-for-dollar matching)
  7. CDH: Children Disability Homes that provide long-term and short-term residential care for children with disabilities
  8. CHAS: Community Health Assist Scheme (subsidies from the government for medical and dental fees for low income families)
  9. Comcare: Government scheme for providing social assistance to low-income individuals and families
  10. CTG: Caregivers Training Grant
  11. DS: Development support for preschool children with mild development needs; focus on one of the following based on child’s assessed need: occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, literacy and learning support and psychological services; provided by trained therapists
  12. EI: Early intervention
  13. EIPIC: Early intervention programme for infants and children by Ministry of Social and Family Development, that provides therapy and educational support services for infants and young children with special needs.
  14. Enhanced PPIP: Enhanced Pilot for Private Intervention Providers, a subsidy scheme that offers more choices of early intervention programmes for children who have been referred for the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC)
  15. FDW: Foreign domestic worker
  16. ICCP: Integrated Child Care Programme, an inclusive child care programme for children with mild special needs
  17. IEP: Individualised education plan
  18. LS: Learning support for preschool children with mild development needs; focuses on one of the following based on child’s assessed need: literacy skills, language skills, social skills, or handwriting skills
  19. LSEDs: Learning Support Educators, specially trained early childhood professionals who provide learning support (see above)
  20. MFEC: Medical Exemption Fee
  21. MSW: Medical Social Worker
  22. PA: Public Assistance
  23. PIC: Private Intervention Centres
  24. PWDs: Person with disabilities
  25. SEN: Special Educational Needs
  26. SPED schools: Special Education schools
  27. SSCC: Special Student Care Centres that provide before and after school care services to mainstream or Special Education (SPED) school-going students with disabilities aged 7 to 18