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Support Schemes for Students

Posted on January 31, 2019 by All In

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The Singapore government provides various schemes to support students financially. Here is a list of schemes that may help support your child’s education.


SPED Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

The SPED FAS is provided to ensure that all Singaporean SPED students can benefit from the best opportunities in education.



  • Full waiver of school fees
  • Free textbooks
  • Free school attire
  • School Meals Programme: Meal subsidies for seven meals per school week (Application not required)
  • $120 transport credit yearly for students travelling to and from school via public transport



  • Singaporean student
  • Gross Household Income (GHI) not exceeding $2,750 per month OR Per Capita Income (PCI) not exceeding $690 per month



Application forms for the scheme may be obtained from SPED schools. All completed forms and relevant supporting documents must be submitted directly to the schools.


For more information, contact your child’s school or visit the MOE website.


Annual Grant for Discretionary Financial Assistance (DFA)

The DFA is provided to all MOE-funded SPED schools to provide targeted school-based financial assistance to Singaporean students. It subject to approval by their respective School Management Committees.


SSO Supported School Based Financial Assistance

SPED schools can also provide their own school-based financial assistance to further support students who require financial support. To find out more about such financial support schemes, you may speak to the staff or social worker in the SPED schools.



The Edusave Scheme aims to maximise opportunities for Singaporean students in MOE-funded schools. The scheme provides resources for school enrichment activities in support of their holistic development and to encourage students to excel in both academic and non-academic areas.


Through this scheme, all Singaporean students (including those not studying in MOE-funded schools) aged 7 to 16 are given an Edusave account and receive an annual Edusave contribution. The funds in your child’s Edusave account may be used for school fees, tuition, and enrichment programmes.


Students may benefit from:

  • Edusave Contributions (all Singaporean students aged 7 to 16 years are eligible,
  • Edusave Grants
  • Edusave Awards
  • Edusave Scholarships for Independent Schools
  • Achievement Awards for Special Education Students


Visit the MOE website to learn more about Edusave.


NEU PC Plus Programme

This programme offers students and persons with disabilities from low income households the opportunity to purchase a brand new computer at an affordable price. There are 2 schemes that students may apply for under this programme – the PC-Bundle Scheme and the iNSPIRE Fund Scheme.


PC-Bundle Scheme

The PC-Bundle scheme provides subsidies to help applicants own a new computer with free software and three years of free subscription to broadband services. Applicants are means-tested based on gross monthly household income or per capita income.


All SPED Financial Assistance Scheme recipients are eligible for up to 75% subsidy for Singapore Citizens and up to 50% for Permanent Residents.



  • Your choice of computer
  • Three years free broadband subscription
  • Antivirus Software
  • Productivity tools
  • Internet filtering service
  • Delivery & installation
  • Warranty



  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Has a permanent disability OR is a full-time student (aged 25 and below) in a Government/Government-Aided School, Junior College, Centralised Institute, Independent School, Specialised Independent School, Specialised School, Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnic or MOE-funded Special Education School
  • Gross monthly household income or per capita income does not exceed $3,400 or $900 ($1,125 if there is a permanently disabled household member) respectively



Each eligible household can only apply for one computer, regardless of the total number of school-going children and/or household members who have permanent disabilities. However, students from one-to-one computing programmes are qualified to apply with support from their school, even if their household are current beneficiaries.

Past recipients of a PC bundle under the NEU PC Plus Programme may re-apply only after three years from the last deployment to the household.


Application forms and information on the application process can be found here.


iNSPIRE Fund Scheme

This scheme offers financial assistance to full-time students (aged 25 and below) who are unable to co-pay for the computer applied under the PC-Bundle scheme. Successful applicants will have to complete between 3 to 12 hours of community service within 6 months, depending on the type of computer model selected, to receive a fully-paid desktop/laptop.


The community service records must be endorsed by applicant’s teacher(s), where applicant has performed service in the school or staff of the voluntary welfare organisations where applicant has served the community service. The endorsed records must be sent to IMDA for processing.


  • A successful applicant of NEU PC Plus Programme
  • A full-time student aged 25 and below
  • The gross monthly household income or per capita monthly income must not exceed $2,500 or $700 respectively



The application for the iNSPIRE Fund Scheme is processed simultaneously with the PC-Bundle application. Applicants will have to receive recommendation from the school to apply.


More information on the NEU PC Plus Programme can be found on the IMDA website.