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Public and Private Therapy Centres for Autism in Singapore 2020

Posted on October 17, 2020 by All In

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Updated by Rayna Chew

In this article, we will be listing some of the centres in Singapore that provide therapy support for autism. 

Abbreviations are used for the main forms of therapies provided by these centres:

  1. ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis
    • helps children with autism pick up skills and discourages negative behaviors
  2. CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    •  challenges unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors, improve emotional regulation, develop personal coping strategies
  3. PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System
    • visual-based intervention that uses symbols instead of picture cards to help children communicate using pictures
  4. OT: Occupational Therapy
    • helps the child gain independence and participate in activities
  5. RDI: Relationship Development Intervention
    • a behavioural treatment that aims to help individuals with autism foster personal relationships
  6. SLT: Speech and Language Therapy
    • helps a child with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing
  7. VBI: Verbal Behavior Intervention
    • focuses on language skills, designed to motivate a child to learn a language by associating a word to its meaning.

For more information about the various treatments and interventions, please see our guide here.

At the same time, we have an article on assessing service providers that will come in useful as you decide on a suitable centre for your child’s therapy.

Please note that the list below is for your information only and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by All In.

1. Applied Behaviour Consultants Singapore

Contact: 94236248 admin@abccentersingapore.com

Address: Phoenix Park Office Campus 318 Tanglin Road Unit 01-57 to 59 S(247979)

Services: ABA

Notes: 3 Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA’s) on site


2. Autism Partnership

Contact: 64633095 josephinek@autismpartnershipsg.com

Address: 491B River Valley Road #05-01/02 S(248373)

Services: ABA

Notes: Places emphasis on research-based studies


3. Autism Recovery Network

Contact: 63488005 info@autismrecovery.sg

Address: 458A Joo Chiat Road S(427671)

Services: ABA, VBI

Notes: Places emphasis on VBI, instead of being an adjunct to ABA


4. AutismSTEP

Contact: 64569950 info@autismstep.com

Address: 9 Temasek Boulevard #29-01 Suntec Tower 2 S(038989)

Services: ABA, CBT, SLT

Notes: Couples ABA with CBT


5. Autism Services, Neurobehavioural Clinic (Child), Child Guidance Clinic, Sunrise

Contact: 6389 2200 imh_appt@imh.com.sg

Address: Institute of Mental Health Buangkok Green Medical Park, 10 Buangkok View, Singapore 539747

Services: Pharmacological Management, Intervention Programmes

Notes: Provides evidence-based intervention programmes for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders with co-morbid mental health disorders, such as Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity/Impulsivity, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Tics Disorders and difficulties with emotional regulation


6. Autism Services, Neurobehavioural Clinic (Child), Child Guidance Clinic, HPB

Contact: 6389 2200 imh_appt@imh.com.sg

Address: Health Promotion Board Building 3 Second Hospital Avenue, #03-01, Singapore 168937

Services: Pharmacological Management, Intervention Programmes

Notes: As above


7. Eden Children’s Centre

Contact: Contact information on website

Address: 374 Clementi Ave 4, Singapore 120374

Services: ABA

Notes: Offers Individualised Education Programme (IEP) incorporating ABA to develop skills such as communication, social and gross and fine motor skills\


8. Homage Home Therapy

Contact: 61000055 careadvisory@homage.co

Address: 157B Rochor Rd Singapore 188432

Services: Speech Therapy, Home Therapy

Notes: Families are able to receive speech therapy services in the comfort of their home, either on their simple-to-use mobile app or requesting for an on-demand therapy session from an AHPC-registered speech therapist.


9. IFN Singapore

Contact: 6750 4460 (phone) 88921284 (WhatsApp) Info@ifnsingapore.com

Address: 27A Loewen Road Dempsey Hill Singapore, 248839

Services: Neuroplasticity Program

Notes: Focuses on Neuroplasticity Program through  EEG and qEEG brain mapping


10. Kaleidoscope

Contact: 64688991 / 64688039

Address: #07-05/06, The Grandstand 200 Turf Club Road S(287994)

Services: OT, SLT, Creative Therapy, Psychomotor Therapy

Notes: Offers Psychomotor Therapy (focuses on developing a child’s motor skills through movement and play) and Creative Therapy (helps children with self-expression and motor skills as an alternative to counselling)


11. Kids First

Contact: 9166 5597 admin@kidsfirst.co

Address: 19 Tanglin Road 5th Floor Tanglin Shopping Center Units 08-11, 33-37 Singapore 247909

Services: SLT, OT, Group Based Intervention, SOS (Sequential-Oral-Sensory) Fussy Eating Groups

Notes: Offers Group Based Intervention to help the child develop social skills 

Offers SOS (Sequential-Oral-Sensory) Fussy Eating Groups to increase child’s tolerance of exposure to new foods and build oral motor skills


12. Lazarus

Contact: 91764837

Address: 272 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-13 S(588212)

Services: ABA

Notes: Focuses on ABA solely as this method has supporting scientific evidence


13. Nurture Pods

Contact: 63525938 request@nurturepods.com

Address: 8 Sinaran Drive, #05-14/15 Singapore 307470

Services: SLT, ABA, Social skills training to improve child’s interaction with others, TEACHH

Notes: Offers Social skills training to improve child’s interaction with others

Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped Children (TEACHH) is used to help the child understand the world better, enabling them to be more independent


14. Olive Tree

Contact: 62525200

Address: 179A Thomson Road 2nd Floor Goldhill Shopping Center S(307626)

Services: SLT, OT, Music Therapy and others

Notes: Offers a wide variety of programmes, including social skills, school readiness programme, lifeskills programme



Contact: 98587160 enquiries@reachtherapy.com

Address: 1 Scotts Rd #24-10 Shaw Centre S(288208)

Services: RDI

Notes: Focuses on the RDI programme


16. Singapore Brain Development Centre

Contact: 62884123 / 82820202 enquiry@brain.com.sg

Address: Novena Goldhill Plaza #01-11, #01-49 Goldhill Podium S(903388)

Services: SI and others

Notes: Focuses on cognitive skills, listening skills and neuro-feedback


17.  The Colourful Mind

Contact: 62476168 / 62828997 / 85180368 info@thecolourfulmind.com

Address: 11 Jalan Saudara Ku Singapore 457448 / 17 Jalan Saudara Ku Singapore 457453

Services: ABA, Art therapy, Social Skills Group

Notes: Offers Social Skills Group to develop social and communication skills in a group setting with children of the same age group


18. Therapy Alliance

Contact: 93289612 admin@therapyalliance.com.sg

Address: 60, Paya Lebar Road, #10-35 Paya Lebar Square S(409051)

Services: SLT, OT, Art Therapy, Music Therapy

Notes: Set up by parents of a child with autism who put together a team of specialist therapists for SLT, OT and psychological services


19. th!nk

Contact: 68365536 info@think-psych.com

Address: 123 Penang Road #03-13 Regency House Singapore 238465

Services: ABA, CBT, PECS

Notes: Psychological and counselling service that takes a developmental approach to behaviour management and intervention; Customised programme


1. Exploring Mates

Contact: 9336 6976 

Services: Applied Behavioural Therapy, School Shadowing, Educational support, Playdates, Vocational Training, Swim Coaching

Notes: Home-based, offers School Shadowing to ease the child into the schooling environment and promote independent learning, offers Swim Coaching to boost confidence


2. Healis Autism Centre

Contact: contact form on the website

Services: ABA-VB Therapy, Social classes, Parents Training and Counselling 

Notes: Home-based, offers Social classes and Character Development to teach the child social awareness and conversational skills, offers Parents Training and Counselling to involve parents in the therapy and provide support

All the content found on the All In website, has been created for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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