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PEEKABOO! An Inclusive Arts Festival by Superhero Me

Posted on March 18, 2019 by All In

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How can Art help Children with Special Needs?

Looking for a fun and meaningful event for your child to participate in over the March holidays? Look no further as PEEKABOO! is here this March!

Peekaboo! An inclusive Arts Festival

PEEKABOO! is organised by Superhero Me in partnership with Rainbow Centre. If you have never heard of these organizations before, Superhero Me is a ground-up inclusive art movement that uses art to empower less-privileged children and children with special needs. Rainbow Centre’s aim is to empower those who are disabled and help them thrive in inclusive societies. 

The purpose of this event is to bring together children with and without special needs together.There will be six artworks featured during this event. For more information on each of the artworks being featured, visit the PEEKABOO! website.

Why should you come for this event?

This event is perfect for both children with and without special needs.

It is common to see some exclusion between children with and without special needs in mainstream schools. One of the reasons why exclusion exists is because some children aren’t able to understand why their peers behave the way they do. Furthermore, some children with special needs may not able to express their thoughts and feelings well, and this could lead to misunderstandings.

An event like PEEKABOO! is a fun and innovative way to develop inclusive behavior in children. It is important for children to learn how to interact with their peers with special needs so that school can feel like an inclusive place for everyone. 

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you should consider introducing your child to art. Art has been known to be a successful form of therapy for people with special needs. Art therapy is extremely helpful in reducing anxiety as they often face difficulty in expressing their thoughts and feelings, and not having a proper outlet to express their thoughts and feelings can lead to frustration.

Art therapy does not require your child to be talented in the various forms of art. The purpose of PEEKABOO! is to encourage children with special needs to interact with other kids. It also shows them how they can use art to express themselves.

Art also encourages children to interact with one another by providing an environment for them to be creative together. Art can also help to raise self-confidence. This happens when they see their capability of creating or when they receive compliments about what they have created.

More Information About the Event

For the Public

  • Free 90-minute interactive art tour that takes visitors on a journey through the six artworks done by Superhero Me artists
  • Tours run only on Saturdays (9,16, 23, 20 March) at 10.30am, 11.30am and 2pm
  • There is no age limit for this tour and you are recommended to reserve a slot for the tour
  • Click here to sign up

For Children

  • Inclusive art workshops and camps being run every Saturday and through the school holidays, led by Superhero Me artists
  • Allow children with and without special needs to interact with each other, focus on creative confidence and help children to be more open to others who are different. 
  • Click here to sign up

For Parents By Parents

  • Four workshops run by parent advocates.
  • Being a parent of a child with special needs can be challenging. Know that you are not the only parent who faces struggles. Interact with other parents who can relate to your situation; they may be able to offer you some advice or help.
  • Community initiative that looks to empower caregivers and push for the progress of a more inclusive community
  • Click here to sign up

For Schools

  • On weekdays from 11-13 March and 25-29 March
  • Run twice a day from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm
  • Tour costs $10 per child
  • Designed to cultivate a positive first experience between children of different needs through teamwork and art making
  • Click here to sign up


All images courtesy of Superhero Me, used with permission.