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Paying Medical Bills (Government Schemes)

Posted on April 9, 2019 by Ann

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Medical bills may play a significant part in your financial challenges as a caregiver.

Here is a quick overview of the options you have in terms of the government schemes that will help with paying for healthcare costs.


 MedisaveMedishield LifeMedifund
What is it?Compulsory savings accountCompulsory medical insurance; premiums are paid using Medisave or cashSubsidies to help needy Singapore Citizens who cannot pay their medical bills
Who has it?All Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who work and contribute to CPF.All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.- You must be a Singapore citizen
- You must be a subsidised patient
- You must have received treatment from a Medifund-approved institution
- You and your family must have difficulties affording the medical bill despite getting heavy subsidies, MediShield Life and Medisave.
What is it for?Can be used to pay for the cost of staying in a hospital, outpatient treatments like chemotherapy, and also some intermediate and long-term care services. Insurance for a hospital stay (of at least 8 hours) or day surgery.Can be used to pay for restructured hospitals, national specialty centres, and intermediate and long-term care services.
How do I apply for it?- Tell the hospital staff you want to use the Medisave funds.
- You will get a form from the hospital.
- Fill in the form to give the hospital permission to withdraw your funds.
- When you leave the hospital, you will get a Medisave Withdrawal Statement and bill showing you how much of your savings has been used and your payment details.
- Tell the hospital staff that you want to make a claim from MediShield Life.
- The hospital will submit its claim to the Central Provident Fund Board. The CPF Board will settle the bill on your behalf.
- If you have an Integrated Shield Plan, your private insurer will process your claim and make the total payment on your behalf. This includes the MediShield Life portion of the payout.
- You can use Medisave or cash to pay the rest of the amount.
- Approach a medical social worker at the hospital or institution you are staying in.
- The medical social worker will help you to apply for the subsidies.
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