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Meeting the Parent of Her Son’s Bully

Posted on April 16, 2019 by Daphne Seah

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Meeting the Parent of Her Son's Bully

It seems to be more common to hear about children with special needs being bullied at school because they do not fit in. However, there are also some cases where students are being bullied by children with special needs.

Mom Shares Her Experience

Calista Faye runs the Facebook page, ‘The Volkov Family’ where she shares about her family as well as the challenges that come with being a parent. 

Awhile back, she posted about an unpleasant incident that took place at her child’s preschool. She found out that there was a boy with special needs in the preschool who was bullying her son. Her son was so traumatized by the incident that he cried every morning when he had to go to school.

She was not going to stand for her child being bullied. She spoke with the school representatives and insisted that they help set up a meeting with the other student’s mother.

After 1.5 months, she finally met with the mother of the child with special needs. When she went into the meeting, she saw a mother who looked frightened, unsure, sincere and apologetic. That mother did not come to argue but looked prepared for any harsh comments to come from Calista.

This left Calista feeling surprised but also empathetic towards that mother as she was able to relate to what she was feeling. 

The meeting went well between the two mothers as they shared solutions, opinions and thoughts with each other. The mother of the child with special needs apologized and the meeting ended. 

The principal left with the mother of the child with special needs while Calista stayed in the meeting room. When the principal came back, what she said broke Calista’s heart.

“The mother cried, she was so happy that you understand and didn’t insist that her son cannot be in the school. She is thankful.”

Calista was unaware of how her actions impacted that mother. She explained how she wished she should have reassured that mother and told her that she was doing a good job. Being a parent of a child with special needs is not easy and we should be more understanding towards them. 

“We are all mothers, we are all mothers who are trying to do their absolute best.”