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Maa Ulaa: a Journey with the Differently-abled

Posted on August 27, 2019 by Daphne Seah

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What you are about to read is how two men from India rose above their disability to become entrepreneurs who inspire people worldwide.

What is Maa Ulaa?

Maa Ulaa is the first bike-taxi service run by differently-abled people in India. The company was started by Balaji in Chennai and Mohammad Gadaffi who later joined as co-founder. The meaning behind the name of the company is “a journey with the differently-abled”.

Mohammad Gadaffi was 19 years old when he lost both of his legs. Balaji on the other hand, used to make Powerpoint presentations for a company but he quitted his job because he hated being patronized.

How did Maa Ulaa come about?

The two guys had separate experiences that inspired them to start this company.

Balaji was dropping his teacher off when his teacher gave him the suggestion of a service to drop people off for a fare.

Mohammad on the other hand, had an encounter with a differently-abled person at Marina Beach. This person had his bike parked and was begging for money. Mohammad then thought to himself that there must be a better use for the bikes which were provided by the government of Tamil Nadu for disabled people.

Maa Ulaa has become a profitable business. It is able to stand out in that particular industry because their service is fully operated by the specially-disabled people.

How has Maa Ulaa made a difference in India?

The people in India have shown support for this idea and the company had formed such a loyal fan base. Maa Ulaa has changed the lives of many differently-abled people in India. The company gives differently-abled people an opportunity to make a dignified living.

Balaji and Mohammad wanted to make a difference, and they used their creativity and entrepreneur spirit to help people facing similar challenges as them.

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