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EIPIC and Enhanced PPIP

Posted on December 28, 2018 by All In

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In Singapore, the Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC) is available in various government-funded and private centres. EIPIC provides therapy and support services for children with special needs.

This programme caters to children aged from a few months to 6 years. Activities in EIPIC are designed to equip children to develop their skills and maximise their developmental growth. It also prepares children for mainstream or special education.

Government-funded EIPIC Centres

Applications for admission to government-funded EIPIC centres may be done through SG Enable by referral from your child’s doctor. The fees vary according to family income. Refer to SG Enable for more information.

These are the government-funded EIP centres that provide services for children with physical disabilities. 

You can click on the ‘About’ link for each organization to find out more about their Early Intervention Programmes.


Sessions and Duration:
2/3/5 days x 2.5 hours
About the programme
47 Fernvale Link Singapore 797537
6511 5621
660 Hougang Ave 8 Singapore 530660
661 Hougang Ave 4 Singapore 530661
6511 7020
EIC@Kim Keat
195 Kim Keat Ave Singapore 310195
6511 5650
11 Lorong Napiri Singapore 547532
6511 5300
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS)

Sessions and Duration:
4 days x 2 hours
About the programme6585 5647
65 Pasir Ris Drive 1
Singapore 519529
Blk 630 Pasir Ris Drive 3 #01-364 Singapore 510630
Fei Yue Community Services

Sessions and Duration
First Steps Class: 2 days x 2 hours
Regular classes: 4 days x 2 hourss
About the programmekatherinekwan@fycs.org
Fei Yue Early Intervention Centre For Children (JE)
Blk 101 Jurong East St 13 #01-188
Singapore 600101
6565 6260
Fei Yue Early Intervention Centre For Children (WLC)
Blk 508 Wellington Circle #01-01
Singapore 750508
6431 0400
Fei Yue EIPIC Centre (Upper Thomson)
600 Upper Thomson Blk D #01-31
Singapore 574421
6565 6260
Rainbow Centre

Sessions and Duration
Infant: 1 day x 2 hours
Toddler: 3 days x 2 hours
Pre-schooler: 4 days x 2 hours
About the programme
Rainbow Centre Early Intervention Programme Margaret Drive (RC EIPMD)
501 Margaret Drive
Singapore 149306
Rainbow Centre Early Intervention Programme Yishun Park (RC EIPYP)
15 Yishun St 61
Singapore 768548

Sessions and Duration:
Infants: 3 days x 1 hour
Children: 2 days x 3 hours or 3 days x 2 hours
About the programme
SPD Ability Centre
2 Peng Nguan Street
Singapore 268955
Ms Amily Goh
6579 0784
SPD @ Bedok
Blk 522 Bedok North Ave 1
Singapore 460522
Ms Junaidah Baharawi
6435 0255
SPD @ Jurong
Blk 337 Jurong East Ave 1 #01-1562
Singapore 600337
Ms Siti Hajar
6665 1844
SPD @ Tampines
866 Tampines Street 83 #01-237
Singapore 520866
Ms Kazel Yong
6587 7610
Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities

Sessions and Duration:
3 days x 2 hours
About the programmeeipic@thkmc.org.sg
THK EIPIC Centre @ Ang Mo Kio
Blk 313 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #01-2322
Singapore 560313
Blk 606 Choa Chu Kang Street 62 #01-139
Singapore 680606
67629125 / 64652167
THK EIPIC Centre @ Tampines
Blk 424 Tampines St 41 #01-188
Singapore 520424
THK EIPIC Centre @ Woodlands
Blk 716 Woodlands Drive 70 #01-124
Singapore 730716

There are also extended classrooms at:
Blk 646 Woodlands Ring Road #01-98
Singapore 730646
6362 5371 / 6362 6215 / 6362 2483
Extended Classrooms: 6367 8209

The table below compares the services available in each centre:

Services AvailableAWWACerebral Palsy
Alliance Singapore
Fei Yue
Rainbow CentreSPDThye Hua Kwan
Moral Charities
Occupational therapistsYYYYYY
PhysiotherapistsYYY (Visiting Physiotherapist)YYY
Early interventionistsYYYY
Speech and language therapistsYYYYYY
PsychologistsYYYYYY (Associate Psychologist)
Social workersYYYYYY
Caregiver training & supportYYYYY
Art therapyY
Music therapyY
Family support programmesY

Enhanced Pilot for Private Intervention Providers (Enhanced PPIP)

If your child has been referred for EIPIC, you may choose to enrol your child in a Private Intervention Centre (PIC) instead of a government-funded centre. The Enhanced PPIP is a subsidy scheme that helps with the cost of enrolling your child in a PIC. It is only applicable to approved programmes by the selected PICs appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Once your child has been enrolled in an approved programme, contact SG Enable to obtain an application form for the subsidy. Complete the form and submit it to the MSF. More details in this PDF guide by SG Enable.

Here are the Private Intervention Centres with approved programmes that cater to children with physical disabilities:

Private Intervention CentresAge rangeApproved ProgrammeServices IncludedServices at Additional CostDuration per week
Bright Path
55 Fairways Drive S(286846)
Tel: 6937 1374 / 6937 1245
Email: enquiries@brightpath.com.sg
3 to 6 yearsInclusive Early Intervention3 days x 3 hours
Genesis School
9 West Coast Road S(127296)
Tel: 6733 1172
Email: angie@genesisschool.com.sg
2.5 to 6 yearsPilot for Private Intervention Providers (PPIP)Caregiver trainingAll individual therapy services5 days x 3 hours
Ichiban Nurtureland Pte Ltd
31 Hong San Walk S(689022)
Tel: 67658426
Email: inpl_2003@yahoo.com.sg
3 to 6 yearsSUNCaregiver workshops & trainingAll individual therapy servicesSUN: 2 days x 2.5 hours
MOONMOON: 2 days x 3.5 hours
STARSTAR: 5 days x 2 hours 20 minutes
Mindchamps Allied Care @ Serangoon Gardens
7 Lichfield Road Serangoon Garden Estate S(556827)
Tel: 88269478 / 88269408
Email: sg.acserangoongardens@mindchamps.org
1.5 to 6 yearsMindChamps Allied Care Early Intervention ProgrammeCaregiver workshops & trainingAll individual therapy servicesWeekdays: 2 days x 3 hours
Weekends: 1 day x 6 hours
Thomson Paediatric Centre - The Child Development Centre
10 Sinaran Drive Novena Medical Centre #10-06/07 S(307506)
Tel: 63977073 / 63976627
Email: info@thomsonpaeds.com
2 to 6 yearsEarly Intervention Programme 2All individual therapy servicesEIP 2: 2 days x 3 hours
Early Intervention Programme 3EIP 3: 3 days x 3 hours


For more information, visit SG Enable.


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