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Choo Kah Ying: Raising an Aggressive Teenager with Autism

Posted on April 27, 2019 by Ann

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It is not easy to be a good parent to a teenager.

It is even tougher being a good parent to a teenager with autism.

It must be one of the toughest things in the world to be a good parent to an aggressive teenager with autism who is also taller and stronger than you are. 

These were my thoughts after I read Choo Kah Ying’s blog about her touching story with her son, Sebastien and the origin of her social enterprise, A Mother’s Wish

In “When Aggression Strikes … Mama Goes on Strike!” Kah Ying recounted the incident that caused her to realise that he had started exhibiting aggressive tendencies, possibly due to hormonal changes.

She gritted her teeth and endeavoured to regulate his behaviours. After some trial and error, she discovered a few useful strategies that were helpful in alleviating them. Her advice for other caregivers in the same situation was:

On this interminable parenting journey, we parents of our autistic kids do not get to rest on our laurels. We will continuously be bombarded by challenges that we cannot yet envisage. To stay empowered in a life that can bring us down to our knees, we can only keep on bouncing our toes, try out new approaches, discover what works, throw out what does not, and keep on TRYING.

Over time, Kah Ying not only had to manage Sebastien, she had to deal with the reactions from the general public as well. For example, in A Fear-based Society: What Would You Do? she wrote about how Sebastien was handcuffed by the police and placed in the police car, not because he committed a crime but because of a fearful reaction from a Singaporean couple.

As Sebastien grew older and increasingly aggressive in crowded Singapore, Kah Ying had to look for alternative solutions. Hoping that a village community and a nature-oriented environment would be more suited to his sensory needs, she made a life-changing decision to move Sebastien from Singapore to Bali.

The full inspirational story behind Kah Ying’s extraordinary journey with Sebastien has been captured in her latest book, Where Does My Autistic Son Belong?


Where Does My Autistic Son Belong? is a crowdfunding project. Details of the crowdfunding project can be found here and all profits raised will go towards A Mother’s Wish’s causes (90%) and Sebastien for his uncertain future (10%). Please do support this beautiful strong mother and her cause if you can.

The book launch is on 25 May 2019 and you can sign up for this event here.

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