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Blaine Lewis: He struggled in school and so he decided to start his own school

Posted on July 21, 2019 by Ann

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Blaine Lewis was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was only in Grade 2  (Primary 2), and he had his shares of struggles in a mainstream school. His situation improved when his mother transferred him to a non-mainstream school that was specially designed to help people with learning disabilities. The different approach to teaching helped him to regain his self-confidence.

Today, he is not only an outstanding goldsmith and diamond setter, he was the founder and lead instructor of New Approach School for Jewellers, training centre. At his centre, the focus is on visual learning, tactile learning, and real world examples. He hopes that his centre can help others make their way in the world.

Here’s a video interview with him where he shared his motivations and how his school works:

Today, let’s have faith in our children and tell them so

I was especially moved by what he said:

“I was blessed to have a mom who said, ‘Look, you’re different. But you should celebrate that and not be stigmatised by that. And you  know, I have faith in the fact that you’re gonna […] have a happy life and you’re gonna achieve the things that you want to achieve.” And you know I think I believed her, and they came true.

Today, shall we all resolve to believe in our children and say the same words to them?

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