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Assisted Deputyship Application Programme (ADAP)

Posted on April 17, 2019 by Ann

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What is Assisted Deputyship Application Programme (ADAP)?

Parents of graduating cohorts in Special Education (SPED) schools can apply to be a deputy for their children through the Assisted Deputyship Application Programme (ADAP).

Who is eligible for ADAP?

Below are the criteria for ADAP:

  1. The child is in the graduating cohort in a SPED school.
  2. All family members must agree for you to make the application.
  3. You request only or standard powers such as managing bank and CPF accounts, and making care and treatment decisions. If you require other powers, you have to seek your own legal advice.

Why apply for ADAP?

This programme aims to make the process simpler and cheaper for you when you apply to Court to be appointed as your child’s deputy.

  1. The school psychologist will provide the mental capacity form and assessment report.
  2. Pro-bono lawyers will help with the forms and processes.

ADAP costs less than $400. Without this programme, parents would have to pay $3,000 to $9,000 for legal fees, and a few hundred dollars for a formal medical report.

How long does it take?

The entire process takes two to three months.

Who to contact for ADAP?

Please contact your child’s school social worker for more information. ​

Other Questions You May Have

Must the deputy be the parent?

No, anyone above the age of 21 can apply to Court to be appointed as your child’s deputy as long as they are able to make decisions in the best interests of your child.

Can my child who has already graduated from SPED School benefit from ADAP?

No. This is because students who are still in school can be assessed by the school psychologists as part of routine evaluations but not students who have already graduated.

We are not eligible for ADAP. What other options do we have?

Here are your options.

To apply for a deputyship order:

  1. Engage a private lawyer.
  2. Approach the Legal Aid Bureau.

To get general advice on deputyship matters:

  1. Approach the Law Society’s Community Legal Clinics.
  2. Approach free legal clinics.

Do I still need to get a medical report for my child if the psychologist from the SPED School has already provided an assessment of my child’s mental capacity?

Parents do not need to further provide a medical report as the Mental Capacity Assessment Form (MCA Form) completed by the school psychologist is sufficient. However, the MCA form completed by the school psychologist is only valid for 3 years. If the MCA form is no longer valid, the child needs to be reassessed.