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A Quick Guide to the Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS)

Posted on April 12, 2019 by Ann

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What is Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS)?

The Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS) allows caregivers to set aside CPF savings for the long term care for individuals with special needs. Under this scheme, caregivers can nominate the individuals to receive regular fixed pay-outs from the parent’s CPF savings after the parent’s death.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service.

Who is eligible for SNSS?

Caregivers should be:

  • The parent or an appointed legal guardian of the child with special needs
  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

Individuals with disabilities has to either:

  • Require assistance in at least one Activity of Daily Living (ADL*); or
  • Attend or have attended a Special Education (SPED) school

*The six ADLs are washing, dressing, feeding, toileting, mobility and transferring.

BOTH parents of an eligible child with special needs may apply for the scheme for the benefit of the same child.

How does SNSS work?

  • At the point of nomination, parents can decide the amount of monthly payouts the child with special needs will receive upon their deaths.
  • The minimum monthly CPF payout is $250 for each nominated child with special needs.
    • There is no minimum balance sign up for SNSS.
      However, a participating parent’s CPF savings upon his/her death must be sufficient to support a year’s worth of payout. For example, a minimum monthly payout is S$250 x 12 months = S$3000.
      If, upon the parents’ death, this condition is not met, the CPF savings will be disbursed as a lump sum to the nominee.
  • When the parent passes on, the nominated child with special needs, who qualifies for SNSS will receive these pre-determined monthly pay-outs until the deceased parent’s savings are exhausted.

How to apply for SNSS?

  • Download and fill in the PDF application form
  • Send the completed form and supporting documents to SNTC via mail, email or fax.
    • Note: For assistance with the Doctor’s Assessment Report, contact the doctor of your choice before your visit to ensure that he/she provides the assessment service.
      You can refer to the list of Appointed Medical Assessors if you are unable to find a suitable doctor.

What happens if I do not set up an SNSS account?

  • If you had made a cash nomination for your CPF, your CPF savings will be distributed to your nominee(s) as a once-off lump sum payment in cash upon your death.
  • If you did not make any nomination, your CPF savings will be transferred to the Public Trustee for distribution to your family members according to the laws of succession.