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12 Simple Home Modifications for a Child with Special Needs

Posted on April 8, 2019 by Ann

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The type and extent of home modifications depends on the nature of your child’s needs. These modifications can be simple adjustments such as improving the lighting, or more complicated ones like removing a wall.

Below is a list of 12 few simple modifications that can allow your child to become more independent and confident, and reduce the stress on you as the caregiver

1. Appliances

Cords left on the floor can cause a child to trip. Consider moving the appliances to a corner to keep the space clear.

2. Bed Rail

A bed rail will help a child to get up from bed more easily.

3. Door Knobs

Round door knobs can be difficult for children with special needs. Consider using lever handles instead.

 4. Floor surfaces that are even, slip-resistant and firm

Uneven flooring increases the risk for falls. You can even out the uneven tiles with cement.

Hardwood or tiled flooring makes it easier for a child with mobility issues to move around.

As for carpets and rugs, these may soften falls but they also increase the chances of snagging for children using a wheelchair or walker.

For the kitchen, bathroom and toilet floors, do lay a non-slip mats or apply non-slip treatments and keep them as dry as possible.

5. Foldable Shower Seat

Using a shower chair or bath chair helps to increase safety and convenience in the bathroom.

6. Grab Bars

Grab bars with groove patterns can be installed in:

  1. besides the toilet,
  2. the shower area, and
  3. along the circulation path from the main door to the bedroom and bathroom.

7. Kitchen Counter

At least one kitchen counter should be wheelchair-accessible with enough leg space for free and easy movement.

8. Lighting

Well lit homes can help avoid injuries. Highlighting steps and stairs with fluorescent tape can also improve visibility. Two way light switch is recommended.

 9. Ramps

The rule of thumb for wheelchair bound is easy in and easy out. There are a number of options for homes with steps, such as portable ramps, customized fixed ramps and wheelchair lifts.

10. Shower Head with Adjustable Height and a Flexible Hose

As with the folder shower seat, a shower head with adjustable height and a flexible hose can help to increase safety and convenience in the bathroom.

 11. Soft Corner Guards

Soft corner guards on sharp corners can protect a child with mobility issues from bumps and bruises.

12. Storage Solutions

Remove or store clutter as much as possible. Move items that the child needs to access frequently to cabinets or shelves within his or her reach.



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